Another Epiphany

Through the rabbit hole…

What do you see!

— Oscar Wilde.

Here’s the first blog on my latest blog which goes by the name – Epiphany of Things. Why this epiphany?

I have got a liking for this word, when I first saw in a marketing blog – it’s was CK’s Marketing Epiphany. From that time, I stumbled upon this word many times. That doesn’t answer the question – why did I choose this word?

Is it more familiarity or the fact I was looking for something that might sound cool?

Fact is that I’m bad at naming blogs, or a website or a business. I use whatever is simple, with minimum words. That’s probably one reason I have used Pebbles Terrarium or Alpha Bottle cutting or Ace Bread Making or Campus Web Career. All these business I have ventured are just plane Jane words.

Back to the topic of Naming.

I had few other thought when I wanted to use in this blog – ideas, Hive, Meetups, Story, Serendipity, Passion, etc. Using these words in a blog generator yielded no result. Btw, I want to start a name generator site, just for Indian users.

Okay. The big idea to use this world for my blog is that I couldn’t find anything better and I’m not good with this job. So, let it be!

How to use Ration Shop for Local Employment

It’s Covid times in every city, locality and State and Nation. I mean Covid times to mean the spread of Corona virus, causing all sorts of disruptions. When it comes to disruptions, the loss of livelihood, especially for blue daily wage earners like maids, laborers, semi-skilled workers, etc.

Now the Big Question for all of us is how to get the economy back in track, once we find a way to overcome the virus.

And when it comes to local employment, there is a serious information gap between job seekers and employers. I mean to say, how can these needs be fulfilled? How to create a forum where people in each locality can post job requirement and also view the profile of workers who are willing to work?

While there are many online portals currently available, it’s far from adequate for the group of people who dont have computer literacy, let alone have a mobile phone. So, what’s the next way to address this gap. What if I say Ration Shop could offers a solution for this?

Recently in Kerala, Government announced free and subsidized ration for card holders. And, thus ration shops got more foot holds than any shops in the area. From early morning to late evening, people of all walks stood in the line to buy grains and other items from the shop. And this got me thinking…. What if there’s a notice board which listed the local jobs, and contact details of people willing to work?

This would be an interesting project to try out? I wish I knew a ration shop ower so that I can place a board and ask

Who will manage the notice board?
Who will verify the credentials of the each job seeker and giver?
Who will ensure that its fair deal?
What’s the minimum wages?

This will be helpful for people like Viyayamma, a maid who used to come for work or one Mr Vinod, a hard-working man who’s looking for a job near Nedumangadu and many others…including me. What if I could spare 1 hour of my time to do some services like gardening or making a home-visit to teach bread making, etc.

I guess there’s a neighborhood app on smartphone, but we need to do something to reach out to people who are off-the Internet grid.

Intruder Alert Home Security Gadget Idea

Monika Ghurde

It’s another chilling news of rape and murder of a lady named Monika Ghurde in Goa. After seeing the victim’s pics, learning about her profession as a perfumer, I got into the story. The more I read the incident from various news source, I somehow can’t stop myself from imagining her last moments.

I wonder what kind of emotions she must have gone during those harrowing moments? Did she surrender easily or did she fight back with this known intruder? What made her surrender or loose hope of the situation?

Was There A Chance of Escape?

It’s this question that made me thing after reading the news. Was there any chance of her escaping from the physical torments of this man who was driven by the lust, revenge and aggression? I bet she would have resisted but somewhere in melee she must have surrendered. Whatever said and told or imagined, it just wasn’t her day.

My thought goes to the people who knew her – her friends, her kin. How will they go through the incident which took her life? Probably they might be thinking – how could I change the fate on that day. What if I had visited or called her on that moment, when her doorbell rang?

What Was her Way to Escape!

Any such traumatic incidents – be it a road accident, or a murder or a rape, etc, tend to make us readers think of some solution or possible ways to stop such things from happening. In this case, I was thinking about how can a single lady protect herself? Is there another way to get a slip?

Here’re 7 Solutions to Help Raise an Alarm

I’m not sure if these solutions are practical enough. However, we knew know, it can spur invention or innovation which will bring safety indoors.

  1. Secret Alarm Inside the House

It’s something straight out of Hollywood movies. During any bank robbery, the first thing a cashier or bank manger does is to reach out to the alarm. In most cases, this secret alarm is seen hidden under the oak table or below the cash counter.

On the same lines, each house should have a mandatory alarm button. This button must be place in location like the bed, or near the door, etc. So, when it’s pressed it’s connected with a LOUD alarm which will wake the entire neighborhood. Well, the idea is to alert people and it’s a practical and simple solution which can be made mandatory in every household.

  1. Voice Recognition ( Alarm)

One problem with the first idea is that the person should have access to the alarm switch. This is not always possible, when the intruder or molester pens the person to the ground or when the person in under his strong clutches.

This is when a Wi-Fi technology connected device comes to work as an alarm.

Now imagine a burglar or a psychopath enters your house. You’re cornered or you’re in the knife point. Not shout or scream will be heard outside. In this situation this listening devise would be handy. This device which has in-built voice recognition software pick commands and starts it’s work.

This device is connected to Wi Fi and it does sends SMS alert to pre-set people or even sound alarm at ear-piercing sound.

It’s totally hands-free and it gets activated when you scream or should help or probably a cryptic voice command.

Another futuristic technology could also be thought about. Think of a device which can detect the heart-beat or other symptoms based on sensors which can pick the intended act and do its work. Another use of such a device is for elderly people – this can alert people or send SMS to hospital or people nearby about any fail or health problem they are facing. Probably the fit-bit watches could be modified with this utility. What do you think?

  1. Alarm From the Ball

This gadget idea just sprouted in my mind. Imagine there’s a stress buster ball kind of item, which when pressed it can either release noxious gas or start screaming HELP, HELP. In the case it releases gas which can knock off the person in the vicinity or make them laugh ( laughing gas). The objective of this anti-rape gadget is to deter the person from taking things forward.

  1. Clock on the Wall

What more does the clock on the living room or the bed room do? Can it do more than just show the time? It’s time for Smart Clock.

I think it can do more – considering the space it occupies and the utility it provides.

Here’s how It can add functionality I feel it can act as a security device, which can record, monitor or even give an alert.

  1. Pepper Spray or Chilly Spray

This is an old trick, but it can be handy in times of danger. Place 2 or 3 cans at key locations, probably near the bed, living room and kitchen. Never know when it can become handy!

  1. Try mental games

This is easy to preach but often very difficult to implement. However, there’re many instances where people have used their smart tactics to escape from the scenario. For example, if a person enters the room with the intention of rape and murder, then all focus should be to escape before the intruder moves to the kill mode. So, how?

Well, I’m no sure. Probably, a small slip or distraction can be used to move to room and lock oneself. Can the victim act as if they want to vomit or something like it. With a small time, they can slip to another room and lock themselves.

Are these ideas just too fancy or practicable?

The whole point of this post is to reduce such incidents from happening. I hope some kind of technology or tool will come which can act as a deterrent in the case of theft or burglary or rape attempt.

My only hope from this blog post is that some enterprising person will find a way to come with practical solution or invent gadgets that can save lives and get people out of trouble.

  1. Self Defense Skills and Training Workshops

This is often seen workshop on TV and on social media. Girls being trained to face an encounter and the tactics to subdue the offender. I guess, it should be a recurring event at every apartment, local community. Also, personal experience sharing meets by people who have escaped from such scenario will be useful reminder.

Be All What You Can Be

Watercolor Painting – Next Desire!

I was reading a blog on achieving productivity by Mark Schaefer. The crux of it was on focusing all activities under three main activities which for him are Content, customers, classes. These three pivotal activities which are his main focus areas. Any activities which doesn’t directly contribute to the three main activities can either by outsourced or rejected.

And on his blog, he shared two watercolor images. The painting triggered a painter in me, which I have so far never bothered to think. Will this be another hobby to pursue. Or it’s just a wishful thinking, left by this watercolor.

Godspeed Your Journey to the Great Place In the Sky

Loss of Words, for this Loss!

It makes me sad, humiliated, frustrated…. a feeling of helplessness at the loss of our soldiers in the border fight with China. All we had thought was some kind of fist-fight between India soldiers and Chinese fellas. However, this was a shocker for all of us to know how Chinese has planned out a cold bloody murder.

As I write, we are still in the deadlock, with each side trying to cement their borders with arms and military might. From here, how things will turn is unknown. Each side has its pride to defend.

I hope we should settle this with Chinese not through arms, but by building our capability in technology, manufacturing and bypassing their goods and services. This would be least we individuals can do.

Martyred Army Soldier

Do we really support the soldier’s family after their loss? What about in the next year, or the year after next. Will we think of them, will be support them, esquire their well being?

I hope the establishment, society and people keep the sacrifices in their heart, not just being showing your presence, or adoration when their carriage passes to the cremation point. Their sacrifices shouldn’t go in vain.

May we all think of each such person who has lost life and left their family without a captain.

It Happened to Me

All Familiar towing Scene in B’lore

For more than once my scooter was lifted off by the no-parking team at B’lore. Once it happened in front of my house at Cambridge Layout and recently at Chickpet. Luckily on these two times, I happened to know that my vehicle was taken away by these supeer-agile bike lifters. These young fellas must have strong bicebs and and shoulder strenght to lift bikes with ease and speed.

Just imagine, the initial search and scare when you search for the bike or scooter at the place where you have parked. Without anyone tell you, the first thought will be that someone has stolen your bike.

Is there a better way to do this act – aka more humanely way. Why do we have to request, plead and finally negotiate with the cops to release our bikes? When it happened to me at Chickpet, I was lucky to arrive at the place to see my scooter on top of this vehicle. Then, all I could do was negotiate and pay Rs 500 to the cops to get it down. Also, the reason why I came to shop at Chickpet was to get things at a bargain. So, all that goes awry.

Idea Inspiration Zones

Where Ideas Come from

It’s another Whatsapp forward which I’m sharing here. As a person who makes tall self-claim about my idea prowess, I naturally liked this kind of graphic.

Also, it got me thinking, where my ideas sprout. It make we think which I haven’t thought about it.

Coming to the idea feeding grounds, I believe this image covers most points. So, where does your idea bulb shines up bright?

As for me, I recently figured out it out in two successive days, Ideas came during the morning shower. And later today, I entered the shower thinking that I will come with one new shinning idea. However, I came out of the shower drenched but not with the idea in hand!

Idea Widgets and Spying for New!
One spot I missed on idea formulation is spying. Yes, I guess I get more by copying ideas, most from the images and things seen on the Internet. Another way of saying about spying is competitive analysis.

Jump When Heart Says So!

If you know me, you’ll know how much I patronize Seth Godin, his notes on marketing, inspiring blog post and the points from him book.

Today, I read another of his blog post and before I forget the concept, let me pen it here.

Don’t Give Up

The attitude of possibility and the posture of generosity. And then making the decision to own your learning.

Don’t stop speaking up, don’t stop leading, don’t stop learning. Don’t stop seeking justice. We can’t give up.

Making things better is an attitude. The attitude of possibility and the posture of generosity. And then making the decision to own your learning.

Well, it’s all about the attitude and posture!

Build Daily

Start with an end date!

Start a project with a end date in mind. We know this point for sure, but for some reason it keep sitting on a task, which extends to a unknown future.

I have started many such projects or at least thought of starting one, but it just sits as an idea logged in my mind. What a waste of inventory, time and mental tension?

One such project is about having a boat! How long did I have this? Probably, many, many years ago. Occasionally I think of it, but then it goes back as just a wishful dream.

What is your pet project which is lying idle?

Going back in Time

This was one of fav songs which I played on my cassette player. The player was a basic one. So, I had connected an extension from its output to the radio. Then, I got more boom bass, which I could play it loudly when my dad was not around.

Those days are gone, and the situation and place has changed. The house we lived at that time is one with lot of memories. How i wish there was someone to tell those stories.

What’s the story you’re holding back in the recess of your mind? Is there anyone who would be interested to listen to those moments of your life?

Peaceful Life and Forceful Actions

Lead a Calm Life

For some reasons, I liked this picture which someone from my school group had shared. And, there was an incident which today morning, when I had a tiff with my partner.

We had a morning fight over a small thing. This left me with a foul mood. And she too took off in an even more different level. All these made me reflect on the writing on this pic.

After sometime, the earlier anger dissipated as there were things to worry about. But, at the time of fight, both of us were so angry that we couldn’t wait to burrt it out what came out without any reservations.

This kind of reactions are what we see in private and public spaces. Road rage, fights over petty things at home, outside home, fights over possessions, money, power, politics, ideology, strikes by parties based on some beliefs.

Coming to interpersonal fights, there’s another way to think out of a fight. I’m not sure, if it will really works. Here are ways to divert your mind from the agitated position and avoid knee-jerk reactions:

  1. Ask yourself – Is the argument worth your time?
  2. Focus the time on better things ( Just read a blog or watch something on YouTube or spend your time in your garden)
  3. In case, you are fighting to prove your point or share a suggestion or your opinion and the other person is not agreeing to it, then you can stop there. Also, if that person cutting you out without listening to you, think, think that you have better things to do and become in your life, rather than changing someone who is stuck in their world.
  4. If the argument is going out of hand, again, slam your brakes. Stop RED!. Try not to get carried by other person’s agitated or provocative remarks. ( saying is easy 🙂