Another Epiphany

Through the rabbit hole…

What do you see!

— Oscar Wilde.

Here’s the first blog on my latest blog which goes by the name – Epiphany of Things. Why this epiphany?

I have got a liking for this word, when I first saw in a marketing blog – it’s was CK’s Marketing Epiphany. From that time, I stumbled upon this word many times. That doesn’t answer the question – why did I choose this word?

Is it more familiarity or the fact I was looking for something that might sound cool?

Fact is that I’m bad at naming blogs, or a website or a business. I use whatever is simple, with minimum words. That’s probably one reason I have used Pebbles Terrarium or Alpha Bottle cutting or Ace Bread Making or Campus Web Career. All these business I have ventured are just plane Jane words.

Back to the topic of Naming.

I had few other thought when I wanted to use in this blog – ideas, Hive, Meetups, Story, Serendipity, Passion, etc. Using these words in a blog generator yielded no result. Btw, I want to start a name generator site, just for Indian users.

Okay. The big idea to use this world for my blog is that I couldn’t find anything better and I’m not good with this job. So, let it be!

Duplicate Key Biz From Home

Covid Time Biz!


Here’s a small dose of biz epiphany. This idea stems from a need, and a problem. And, this was the plan I could conjure.

For couple of days I’ve been wanting to make a duplicate key. But due to the Corona problem, I decided not to make it. However, this was on the back of my mind. And, today morning, I just another bing moment. What If I can get the duplicate keys done leaving home? Is any biz ready for such a service?

So, here’s the plan. The plan is for small shop owners who run key duplication service. As , this plan is for those running This is a biz suitable for Key duplication service or other similar biz which can be run from home.

Here’s the plan!

With lockdown, all shops except essentials are open. And that too for a limited hours. Due to this, most shops has downed the shutters, and with it the posibility of daily earning!.

Regular Cash Flow for Key Duplication Service!

Step 1 – Install key duplication machine at home

Step 2 – Make your Biz Present in Maps ( Google My Business)
Create online biz profile, biz location by signing-up on Google My Business. By setting your biz location on GMB, it gives potential customers to find your phone numbers, location, direction, timing, etc in just a search.
(. If it sounds complicated, or in case you’re aware of these, then I can set it up for you for FREE 🙂

Step 3. Create a Facebook Page. ( Again a simple, 10 minute process)
Facebook being very popular in India, makes it easy for customers to see your work, profile, contact information and get direct inquiries from Fb Page.

Step 4. Install Google Pay, PayTm, Swiggy or Denzo apps

Setup the apps for online payment. If you haven’t done, then get the help of someone who can set it for you.Also, apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, etc.

Step 5. Promote service locally.
Some direct marketing efforts do work. Give it a try in using traditional methods. For instance, you can make a flyer and distribute to letter box of near by places. Or make boards with your marketing message. Hang these at few vantage location near your locality.

Visit the apartments around the locality and talk to the care taker or administrator. They will allow you to keep a notice about your business for a small fee. ( In the poster mention, your contact details, service details, etc). If example, if you’re from Domlur area, you try at Ranka Corner, Pradam Grant, Apts in Defence Colony, etc.

( This marketing can be skipped due to the pandemic )

Step 6. Set up WhatsApp for biz.

Step 7. Promote locally. Most effective would be through local Facebook groups. ( For example, in B’lore – Where in Bangalore, in Trivanrum, Where in Trivandrum ( WIT) etc would get your msg to the right audience.


How does it work!

  1. First, customer sends the picture of the key by Whatsapp. After seeing the pic, can decide if you can take it up. Access the work and set a rough estimate.
  2. Second. Keys are picked using Denso or Pick and drop by Swiggy Genie, etc. If it’s close by, then you can pick it up by yourself.
  3. After the duplicate keys are done, customer makes the payment by Gpay or Paytm.
  4. Customer arranges for Denso or Swiggy to pick the keys from your home/shop. Customer will be happy to get the service without leaving home. The handing cost will be borne by the cusotmer. And, it’s a small price paid for the convenince and you don’t need the fear of the risk of getting exposed.

Will it work even After Pandemic!

Post pandemic, I expect that there will be a shift in the way business will be done. By then, people will get used to the services like Pick and drop, as it’s a big time saver. We know the effort of going to a shop, getting the parking space, and the time locating the item and finally the checkout. I’m sure, we will rewire the way we go for shopping.

Of course, there will those who enjoy shopping trip, physically scouting for new shops, picking trendy things. However, when it comes to buying packed and branded stuffs, a pick and drop or online shopping would be enough.

Key Duplication service on the Wheels

Another possibility of taking your service to the doorstep of the customer is by having a mobile key duplication service outlet. For this, you need a four wheeler to fix the machine and go to different apartments. This would be effective. Just start from

iz from Home!-

Exponential Vaccination for India – Novel Plan

Need of the hour – Faster Vaccination

During a casual conversation with a friend, he was telling about his mom who was recently discharged from the hospital. Earlier, she was admitted in a Covid hospital. Luckily without much complication, she turned negative. However, she was very weak after her discharge. At that time, her oxygen saturation level was round 75. So, they put her in another small hospital, where she recuperated well.

During this discussion, we both were telling about how our country lost hold of the crisis. As we spoke, it was still a mess, and many decisions seems unclear and citizens are in dark about what our future would be.

He suggested a plan to speed up vaccination. Even thought I thought of similar idea, I didn’t think the way he put it across.

Here’s the modus operandi. The plan is to speed the pace of current vaccination and cover as many people as possible. . Remember we are a country of 1.3 billion people. Going with the current pace, we’re going to take many months and by them we loose many lives. Here’s how!

Step 1 – Speed up Vaccination by Purchasing Vaccines from US

Govt should create a special Covid Task force team and give permission to select 10 to 15 companies to buy vaccines from United States ( Pfizer, Moderna and J &J). The vendors can purchase it at market price or the best price available. Make this process fast, transparent, without any ambiguity. . And this plan must be executed on war footing pace.

Step 2 – Prepare venue for vaccination drive

Select and set-up different spots for vaccination drive, such as stadium, auditoriums, school and college building. All these spots should have ample parking facilities. And all venue will have on-call taxis and cabs ( free and paid) so that people can reach without any hassle. Also rural and urban area should be selected.

Step 3 – Pricing of each shot

This is where the novelty of plan comes. First of all it’s NOT a free vaccine. And this plan banks on the generosity of common citizens, middle class and high net-worth individuals, volunteers and support of businesses.

This is the plan. First, the price of the single jab is calculated. This includes profit for the purchaser. Next, comes the catch and chasm. Vaccines can only be bought in a set of two. That means, a person has to buy a minimum of two shots or more. Extra price paid, will be used to given out for free to a person who can’t afford it.

For example, a philanthropist or a wealthy person or a generous person can even buy 10 or 50 or 5000 or any number of shots. The extra paid by the citizen, will be used to give free vaccination.

To achieve this sort of unprecedented voluntary act, we need to tell the right story and message across India. Remember how we forfeited our gas subsidy to pass the benefit for the needy.

On the Hook – Story of Giving and Being Generous

Seth Godin’s Talk with Lewis Howes

In the words of Seth Godin, the expression on the hook probably comes a generic tradition in Turkey. Where you have a couple of extra bucks in your pocket and you go to a bakery, you buy two loafs instead of one. And, you put the second loaf on a hook on the wall. And someone who’s hungry comes in, they can have a loaf of bread. It’s a form of sharing and it’s a form of responsibility. ( Well, this idea of mass vaccination is another form of Hook on the Wall Concept. We need the citizens to share their resources and build a network of responsibility).

Biggest Humanitarian and Generous Project

One thing that can derail this project is by making this idea politicized. Of course, the ruling party has to take the initiative, with the support of all the other parties. We need every citizen of the country to unanimously take this project to heart. To achieve this sort of country-wide support, the campaign must include ordinary people to influencers like cricket stars, sports legends, film stars, social media stars, corporate houses, industrialists, NGO’s, musicians, IT companies, NRI’s, business houses, politicians from every brand and any citizen who wish to contribute.

Even if a person has already vaccinated, they can voluntary buy extra vaccines.

A LIVE TV channel should start in every state, which gives an update of the donations, contributions received. Here a person donating the vaccine will have the option where the extra vaccines will be shot.

Imagine, if a malayalee NRI or a Malayalee samajam in United States donates the price of 100 units, then he/ has or the NGO will have the option to use it any locality or place in India. In most cases, a vaccine donnor will have a preference to give the free shots to the people of his home town. This kind of regional drive, will bring more people to contribute as they feel connected to place. ( however this is optional) Either give it to a central pool or give it a location of choice.

Here data plays a big role. We need proper transparent data which shows the number of people vacinnated in each town, city. and how many are left. This details will prompt citizens or NRIs spread across the word to contribute to a Covid free India program.

Now imagine that you buy one doze vaccine. Even then, you are paying an extra for another person to get vaccinated.

And, every donor will gete a e-certificate which shows the number of vaccines they have contributed

( While this plan of paid vaccination runs, Govt will simultaneously progress with the CoviShield and Covaxin program). This will take the load from the Govt FREE vaccination drive which is currently running in this country. Probably, a new App should be created with the help of Indian IT companies and it should have easy option to buy extra vaccines, receive donation, and even have the option to send free food to the people

Also, walk-in for donations, which will be opened round-the-clock at main cities and towns.

Step 4 – Will it Work?

It should work if we all stand together and if the plan is transparent. We Indians are now passing each day with the only hope that this virus wont come to our home. Also, we have lost hundreds of people and every day, the number are just going high. And, today ( 28/5/21) , I lost a neighbor to covid. A friendly and pleasing guy.

Even as I write,we are still in a period of uncertainty. We have no clue as to what tomorrow holds us. Only hope is to get all people vaccinated. Probably, that’s only way for heard immunity.

We want a closure of this problem. We don’t want to loose anyone. We don’t want broken families, We want normalcy. We want work. We want to move on. We want our kids to attend school and colleges should reopen.Enough is enough!

For me, this project seems practical, only if someone from the current administration can take it. Our dependency of just two vaccines ( CoviShield and Covaxin) is not enough.

I know it appears an utopian way of solving this issue. If so, you can improvise it and come with a better version. Right Now I can only think of this.

Let’s Join Hands to make it a Covid Free India

If you’re reading this them share it to those who can debate on this topic. Probably, we need this idea to come to the policy makers and politicians. Hopefully, this sort of plan will expediate the vaccination drive.

Let’s start a new model of functioning.

LIVE 24/7 TV on COVID will Spread Hope, More Than Anything

What’s the mood of our country ? Is it one of hope, repair or despair? Going with the daily stats of casualties from covid and spike in cases, it’s very hard to stay very positive.

Covid Control Room!
Currently, Covid monitoring and support team use dashboards, excel sheets to track cases. Also, most effort is done in silos. Who does what, is still unclear in many towns. We need a cohesive strategy instead of piecemeal activities. 24/7 TV Station could be the answer!

1. Create one single dashboard for each city/town or Panchayat.
2. Each state should start a dedicated 24/7 TV channel for each district, with a helpline number.

Now, imagine a round-the-clock TV broadcast with heal

Now, imagine a round-the-clock TV broadcast, breaking news, update from officials, health care team, anchors and volunteers. The channel will display hospital vacancy, medicine availability, details of free testing camps, community kitchen, plasma donor request, etc.

It will host LIVE talk by doctors on prevention, steps to build immunity, exercise, etc.

TV has mass appeal, wide reach and instant effect. Let’s start a 24/7 LIVE TV on adhoc basis.

In Kerala, there’s daily news brief on Covid by the CM. He gives a gist of all activities, stats, etc. But, we need a more dedicated channel to share the story of our fight against the virus.

Need of the hour is a 24/7 TV channel on Covid. What do you say?

Let’s execute with alacrity, till we wipe out Covid from India!

thcare experts, anchors, officials, and volunteers. The channel will display info about hospital vacancy, medicine availability, details of free testing camps, community kitchen, plasma donor request, etc.

It can host LIVE talk by doctors on preventive care, steps to build immunity, exercise, etc.

Appeal to Azim Premji to Manufacture Pulse Oximeter in India

Image Courtesy –

Right now, Pulse Oximeter, a critical device to check the oxygen saturation level of people affected by COVID is in short supply in India.

In Trivandrum, a medical store is selling it for Rs 2,500 a piece. And the product is out of stock. A week back, the same shop was selling it for Rs 1,800. I heard that in Bangalore, the price is around Rs 4,000 for a good quality device.

Shortage of Pulse Oximeter
We don’t have time to wait for cases to come down. We need these things at war footing. Already people are in a panic mode, looking for essentials things like Oxygen, Pulse Oximeter, and medicines. Also, we are still dependent on Chinese devices to fill the gap. So, there’s no better time than now to make this in India!

Why I appeal to WIPRO?
Reason is that Wipro has expertise in manufacture of electrical and electronic components. They can utilize their knowledge base to make a prototype and manufacture it in a week’s time. Also, they can use the Azim Premji foundation to donate this device to many government hospitals and to NGOs who are in the front lines of the fight against Corona.

Made in India, Pulse Oximeter by Wipro would be a great brand story. Also, if they decide to manufacture it, it should be able to make and distribute it across India, using its network.

I hope this message will be heard, not just by Wipro, even thought I had directly appealed to the Wipro chief. .There are many industry giants like TATA, who also can take this project up, considering the urgency..

Also, there are many companies like Reliance, PayTM, or any start-up can take this project..

Let’s see how Indian leadership will come with a cohesive strategy to win over the pandemic.

Another Sub Sinks to the Sea Bed

I’m not sure how got mentally involved when I hear about a submarine accident. One of the earlier incident was when an Indian sub went down with all it’s crew. One of the worrying thing about submarine accident is the high fatality rate. In most incidents, all the crew looses their life.

This is something very worrying about the life of sailors in submarine. And that makes a common man think, what’s the way out when a sub sinks to the depth, either due to power failure or any technical snag.

Is there a way to hold the sub at a level at least for sometime, till it gets help?
Is there a way to release some kind of air filled balls to make it float.
Or just like life boats, is there any way to have an escape cute from the submarine?

Or another simple way safety mechanism by which subs can release air filled buoys to help rescue team to locate the position of the sub.
Also, is there a black box, just as in a plane to know the last moments of the crew.

One thing is for sure, that most subs currently in service don’t have to be in active combat. Mostly they just do surveillance and routine runs protecting the territorial water. So, in that case, a part of the sub should be dedicated for safety purpose.

Treat Them Like Kings

A week ago I returned home after visiting another town. I reached early by 6 at Kochu Veli station. Luckily, I got a bus to drop me at home. When I reached home, the front gate was locked and my phone was dead. I had no way of calling her to open the gate. One option was to wait outside till someone opens the gate.

At that time I saw the security man of the wellness clinic in his small cabin. I went to him and luckily he could make me even though I was wearing the mask. He was a man in his 50’s, smart and healthy who goes around actively helping customers to park their cars.

He them showed me the point to charge. The outside cubicle was small, with a space only for a small iron bed. and a table. There was a fan. One thing I noticed was that his bed had flattened cardboard boxes. There was no mattress, not even a simple cotton one to give a basic comfort while resting.

Why do big cash rich business fail to do these basic things for their front line staff like security staff, waiters! Is it b’cos they are easily indispensable and giving any thing extra is not worth their money.

I remember similar thing when I went to a fast moving sea food restaurant in Goa. After, having two beer I was feeling a bit high. To relieve, I went to the urinal and there was two of them. One for the customers and another for the staff. As the someone occupied the loo meant for customers, I went to the other loo. And aaargh., yuck!.

The closet was dirty so was the surrounding space. There was just one wall separating the two loo and it was totally different in the way it was cleaned and maintained. in one look, it was clear that management was least interested in spending an extra penny to keep their employee’s space tidy. Why! Is it that they don’t have value? Why, only cash paying customers mattered?

While this restaurant sported all the foodie awards in all corner of the shop, the attitude they had toward their own workforce speaks about them.

I wonder when will Indian businesses open their eyes to treat their employees more important than their customers? Aren’t they bothered about attrition or they have a feeling that no matter what they do, they don’t have any loyalty? Is this the reason or something else? I think I need to speak to few employers and find out the truth of the matter!

Keep Shining

Recently I was sitting in a tea stall in Malapuram having my second glass of tea. In one corner of the tea stall stood a glass box where they typically keep all the fried snack. An employee of the shop was wiping the glass from inside. It was clear that he want’s the thing to shine. A clear vision of the stuff inside adds appeal. Not a blurry vision through a oil stained glass.

While I saw this man wiping, it reminded me of the shine we require in our life. How often do we keep the door shining? Do we still have the shine – in terms of knowledge, our appearance and our attitude?

It also reminds of how many businesses looses its shine along the way. B’cos it stuck to the old ways, or it failed to innovate, or didn’t feel the need to change and keep up with the times.

Another example of this was when I checked to a lodge and a hotel in Malapuram. When I first visited this town, this hotel had just opened. The rooms were tidy, restaurant had a glossy look with clean tables and shining washroom. And now, it has a deary tired look. The neon name board is broken and the tube-light is seen. The floors looks like it lost that gleam and the good years are far behind. The staff are just keeping up with the tide of things.

It also a reminder to small business owners who at one time had good business but slowly finding themselves being ignored by the customers. .

Shine Daily!

Panic Monkey and Procrastination

Today morning, I found my way to this blog, from this one. Few things sounded just right on why I procrastinate and choose to swing my time on instant gratification.

I remember long back when, how I used to be so interested in gardening when my examination was around the corner. It’s a life-long insidious habit of chasing frivolous things when the most urgent things took back seat.

Before reading this blog in the morning, I also thought of many other things – from what I had to failed to achieve in my a long non-illustrious life and career. I feel guilty of not aspiring to reach for things that I had in my mind. Wish-list was just wishful thinking.

How to Tame the Monkey!
Let me see if I can make some headway in this time of this year. Will I stay distracted, non-committed to goals or will I take one step-at-a-time to climb the stairs.

Obsession and Possession

Naval Ravikanth

Just a day ago, I thought how to revive my failing fortunes and make a comeback to the life I wish to lead. After a bit of soul searching, my mind wandered to the podcast by Navel Ravikanth. In one of his spontaneous speak, he talks about obsession about a task and how that takes people to achieve formidable tasks.

Obsession for Completion

Will this give me the drive to finish tasks and give me the confidence to tackle other things in life.